What I Write

Hey there. :)

Welcome to my world of words!

It’s a beautiful place to dwell, the inner self. From the spirit of the heart and mind spring the most wonderful ideas, excellent thoughts, and fantastical imaginings.

I love to write about the intersection of the inner self and the external world, and the magic that manifests upon that fateful meeting;

that point of connection where the strikingly impossible becomes reality because I’m witnessing the genius of our Creator.

I’m a pupil of the Great Word-Architect. He’s more original than the vinyl that inspired hipsters. He shows, I write. He tells, I write. (Did you know, it’s the first rule of writing: show, don’t tell. But since he’s Original, he can defy our rules, I guess. He shows-and-tells like it’s kindergarten class and we’re his most prized possessions.)

He wrote, so I write. It’s something we share.

The best thing about God’s writing is that he shared it. His inner self–the best of the ideas, the highest thoughts, the wildest imaginings–he gives to us, to prove the kind of love he’s inviting us into.

I want to share my writing with you, about this love with God. I testify to everything I’ve seen him do in my life, that he is good.

And that he is available to you.