About Grace

Grace –
A gift of God with intrinsic power to change circumstances. Oxygen and nutrients.
Like mercy, but with a batteries-included ability to restore what compassion can only indulge. Errand-boy in the ministry of reconciliation.

Mary –
My grandmother.
My mother.
The mother of Jesus, who responded to the Lord’s word (Gk. rhema)–which, like grace, has the intrinsic ability to fulfill itself–“I am your servant, let it be to me according to your word.”

Swedish. “By the lime tree.” Clogs and pigtails and blue-patterned china.
Conflict-avoidant, don’tcha ‘noh. Until I met Jesus, that is.
Alphabetized among my siblings (A-I). Blonde hair, fair skin.
Come for Christmas, you’ll surely have gifta (pronounced y-ifta) and meatballs. (No, I’ve never eaten lutefisk.)


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