About Grace

I love my name, and this journey of learning how to own it. Mostly I’m named for the grace of God, but also because my eight siblings and I are alphabetized, and I landed on “G.”

Growing up with the hand-me-downs of older siblings (math books, t-shirts, curfews), my name and my stories felt like the only things I owned. But more recently, I’m owning my faith and my heart. They, with words, are becoming one, like the Trinity.

Some days my words taste like they’ve been reheated. No matter how many metaphors I marinate, or similes I sprinkle on top, reading them can be like chewing chalk. Other days, I whip up something that’s worth noshing on–and that usually ends up here, or in a manuscript I’m experimenting with.

The writing process is a lot like cooking. You might follow a recipe, or you might eyeball it; taste-test it, pitch it out, and start over. Eventually you hit on something surprisingly tasty.

So it is in real life. A dash of pain, a shake of gladness, a serving of brokenness, a measure of hope–all baked together to be shared together. Those are the stories worth publishing, the ones that make your mouth water and your stomach purr.

Those are the stories you’ll find here.

Thanks for sampling.