Rubix Cube

There was nothing extraordinary about it.

I was only sitting in a hammock strung between two palm trees.

Sweat trickled down my back.

A mongoose emerged from the foliage and sniffed around the dumpster stationed at the end of the parking lot. 

Ask me.

He kept prodding me. But I was afraid to ask, because his answer would demand a response, and pain had become a familiar dwelling place. 

When the Jews came to Jesus looking for miracles, he asked them, Do you want to be healed? 

A preposterous question for the crippled and blind, and yet….

To be healed is to walk in a foreign reality.

I wanted to be healed. I believed he would heal me. Someday.

Ask me.

I had witnessed healing the night before, women cured of infertility, tumors disappearing, breaks and misalignment coming into center. 

I believe God can heal instantaneously, but more than that, I believe in the process, that he is after the heart of a person, and the heart of a person usually desires healing as a means to evade pain. 

Yet the Son did not evade pain, but embraced it for the love it produced.

Long had I been obedient to the Spirit’s process in me, and wavered in disbelief that this time he would do it in a moment, clicking the pieces of my heart together like a Rubix Cube.

He just wouldn’t let it go. So I finally asked him:

Do you want to heal me by the process?

Or do you want to heal me instantaneously?


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