To Get to High Places

Photo credit: Leandro

“To love
does mean to put yourself into the power of the loved one
and to become very vulnerable to pain,
and you are very Much-Afraid of pain,
are you not?”

She nodded miserably and then said shamefacedly,
“Yes, very much afraid of it.”

“But it is so happy to love,” said the Shepherd quietly.
“It is happy to love even if you are not loved in return.
There is pain too,
but Love does not think that very significant.”

“I would never dare to love
I were sure of being loved in return.
If I you plant the seed of Love in my heart will you give me the promise
that I shall be loved in return?
I couldn’t bear it otherwise.”

The smile he turned on her then was the gentlest and kindest she had ever seen.

he said, without hesitation,
“I promise you, Much-Afraid, that when the plant of Love is ready
to bloom in your heart
when you are ready to change your name,
then you will be loved in return…
Much-Afraid, I have already warned you that Love
and Pain
go together, for a time at least.
If you would know Love, you must know pain too.”

She bared her heart.
“Please plant the seed here in my heart.”

–Excerpts from Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard


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