Mismatched Socks

Photo Credit: Steler
Photo Credit: Steler

I wonder about


I have lived

with low expectations

so I am never disappointed

but is that really living?

I have lived

with high expectations,

gorging on possibility

to escape


a thunderclap that always silences the sizzle with its inevitability.

My expectations are socks

tumbling in the dryer

and I’m looking for a match

to your truth.

Where did I misplace

my identity?

Somewhere at the bottom

of the sock drawer

where my search for life

is frustrated again and again,


of low or high or balanced. 


I cannot control my expectations

anymore than

my desire or my convictions,

I’m trying to live the life you promised

by finding a truth that will pair these socks.

But you insist I wear them mismatched

and it doesn’t make any sense

how two contradictions

can both be true

Your disappointed expectations bring you life 

yet somehow they end up matching.


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