Maybe it doesn’t matter that I can’t capture my heart with words. Maybe the heart is meant to surpass the mind, and to try to balance them on the same scale is like trying to level the bottom of a well with the surface of the earth, and then keep the water from spilling over into puddles.

Maybe if the heart causes groanings too deep for words, trying to speak the groans into cognisance will cause me to miss the pleasure of soaking in the deep. There are things too glorious for man to understand, and what causes us to grasp for it when it seems as fruitless as catching clouds? We talk ourselves in circles and after getting dizzy, after finding the tail is attached to our own behind, we start asking questions: the rhetorical, the theoretical, and logical. Gasping like a thirsty, salted sailor lost at sea–


Maybe God is chuckling at us. Maybe his brow is creased and the corners of his eyes are tight because he is hurting, waiting, groaning with creation for the day when he can complete us, and maybe there will be no distinction between the top and bottom of a well. Maybe he is sighing because there is something better for us than understanding, and our trying to divine understanding is like trying to know your lifespan by the germy, crisscrossed lines on your palm.

Maybe trying to know it all is the part in us that tried to overthrow God in the Garden. Eat the fruit of understanding and maybe you will attain life. Maybe it is the part in us made in God’s image and anticipating fulfillment. Maybe I will sit here all afternoon and scribble until my ink runs out, and sit back and reread my words and feel an ounce of satisfaction that I captured my inability to capture words so cleverly.

Maybe I will come close to knowing; maybe I could be Einstein or Decartes or Solomon and rise in the estimation of men. Maybe I am meant to fly, but I keep getting tripped up on the runway. At the end of my surmising, all I have is maybe.

May you, being rooted and grounded in love, know the love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Eph. 3


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