About Me

For from his fullness we have received grace upon grace. John 1:16–

I love my first name, and this long journey of discovering how to own it. Mostly I’m named for the grace of God, but also because my eight siblings and I are alphabetized, and I landed on “G.”

Of all the hand-me-downs my siblings gave me (math books, t-shirts, curfews), words were the one thing I took as my own. And now, my faith and heart. They, with words, seem one to me, like the Trinity.

I do what I can with them, mixing language with a little life experience and what’s in my heart to share with others. Most of the time my words taste like they’ve been reheated. No matter how many metaphors I marinate or similes I sprinkle on top, eating my thoughts can be like chewing chalk. Every once in a while I manage to concoct something worth noshing on–that’s the stuff that ends up here, or in a manuscript I’m experimenting with.

I love being Grace. Writing is a primary way I express that, as well as the grace of Jesus, whose love is big enough to restore my heart to Eden. While I wait for him to come get me, I revel in this abundant life–its pain, its love, and its heart.


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